About Rafting

Rafting description

The "Cetina raft" reveals you a different Dalmatia, hidden right behind the mountain, in the beauty of the crystal clear Cetina river, with amazing waterfalls, beautifully beautiful deep canyons (there is a film called "Winnetou"), tropical rainforests, sheltered caves, gentle rapids and fairy-tale old mills.

We will take you to an unforgettable excursion - RAFTING ON CETINA - you will experience a pleasant three-way rafting ride without great danger and see all the beauty of intact nature.

On gentle rushes you will ride on the waves, and on the peaceful parts of the riverside will carry you alone while you enjoy seeing the harmonious beauty of talking to birds. You will dive and bathe in a pleasant warm, peek into the secret caves, refreshed with water of crystal clear waterfalls. In the most attractive places our photographer will perpetuate the memorable memories of you and your friends.

For your comfort and safety, Cetina is looked after by our experienced skippers who are at your service at all times. Therefore, you do not need a rafting experience, it is enough to know how to swim and to enjoy the magic of rafting on Cetina. All you have to take with you are swimsuit, summer sandals or patike, t-shirt, shorts, sunscreen, and dry clothes to change at the end of the trip. We provide you with home-made drinks and a complimentary rafting welcome drink at the Dalmatian house, as well as safe rafting equipment.